D4.1 Climate change indicators database


SIRMA project aims to develop, validate and implement a robust framework for the efficient management and mitigation of natural hazards in terrestrial transportation modes in the Atlantic Area, which consider both road and railway infrastructure networks. Within WP4, a freely available database of climate change indicators is provided. The database could be used by other research institutions or enterprises for estimating the vulnerability/consequences on transportation infrastructure at different Atlantic regions in France, Spain, Ireland, Portugal and UK. The database was downloaded from Copernicus Climate Change Service and Coupled Model Inter-comparison Project Phase 5 (ESGF@DOE/LLNL). The database encompasses several variables precisely chosen to distinctly define the extreme events in the European countries alongside 5 locations in Atlantic Ocean and cover a time series of up to 2100, several global circulation models and various climate change scenarios.

Locations: cities and rivers

Coastal citiesĀ (atmospheric and ocean parameters):
  • Brighton (UK)
  • Caxias (Portugal)
  • Cork (Ireland)
  • Dublin (Ireland)
  • Saint-Nazaire (France)
  • Vigo (Spain)
RiversĀ (river flow):
  • Adur (UK)
  • Bann (Ireland)
  • County clare-Fergus-OwenSlieve (Ireland)
  • Loire (France)
  • Ria de Pontevedra-Ria de vigo (Spain)
  • Tage-Sorraia (Portugal)
  • The Solent-Medina (UK)


Near Surface Air Temperature
Near Surface Relative Humidity
Daily Mean Near Surface Wind Speed
Sea Surface Temperature
Sea Surface Salinity
Sea Water X Velocity
Sea Water Y Velocity
Sea Water Pressure at Sea Water Surface
Significant height of combined wind waves and swell
Mean wave period
Sea Surface Height Above Geoid
Global Average Sea Level Change
Global Average Steric Sea Level Change
Global Average Thermosteric Sea Level Change
River flow

More informations

Climate database variables and climate models forcing definitionsD.SIRMA-WP4-2.1-VFD
Models descriptionD.SIRMA-WP4-3.1-MD
Resolution distributionD.SIRMA-WP4-3.2-RD
Copernicus LicenseD.SIRMA-WP4-4.1-C3.L
CMIP5 Licensing and Access ControlD.SIRMA-WP4-4.2-C5.L
CMIP5 Modeling Groups and their Terms of UseD.SIRMA-WP4-4.3-C5.MG
CMIP5 Data access License from CopernicusD.SIRMA-WP4-4.5-C5.DAL.C3
Evaluation of climate CMIP5 ModelsD.SIRMA-WP4-4.4-C5.ME